What Can A Scammer Do With My Email Address

what can a scammer do with my email address

At the time of using email the question always raise what can a scammer do with my email address

Digital life is impossible without having an email account. Few of us know about what can a scammer do with my email address. Emailing is a common platform for communication today it is secure and safe to use. Then too the question is always comes in mind what can a scammer do with my email address. We always use email for many activities online. Mostly the social site account opened only if you have a valid email id. Email service provider gives their service free of cost. The hackers and cyber criminals make target to the email address for sending scam to theft the data.

Lottery emails.

Email containing winning lottery message is a common method to theft the identity. The unaware user can be easily trapped by the cyber criminals by this method. It is called phishing, by this method hackers theft the identity of email account owner and can miss use it in many ways. After missing the password or account hacked we think what can a scammer do with my email address.  It is not necessary that you receive these scam email because you gave your email id to someone. The hackers have many ways to find the email id which are active online and they pushed the scams to these mail addresses.

Before knowing what can a scammer do with my email address. It is necessary to know from where the scammers find your email address:-

  • Mostly email address gets the scam mail regularly from various unknown email addresses. If your address is visible to public on comments, social sites or anywhere then it became easy to get it. Mostly scammers got the email id from there. To avoid it never leave your email id on any public media. Before leaving your email address always think once what can a scammer do with my email address.
  • Scammers randomly sent scam to email address by hit and trial basis. This method works mostly because mostly users create an email account with name and year of data of birth like abc1990@xyz.com. By using this method the common name people generally got the scam mail. There is no any option to stop these scams. Only way to be safe from these mails is ignore them and trash immediately.

  • Scammer theft identity of email users by sending fake site code links. When a user open these fake sites and provide details the hackers achieve their goal. After getting the identity scammer can use it in many ways. I hope you will alert after knowing what can a scammer do with my email address.
  • Some companies sold the identity of their clients to make money. This identity is easy to take by some amount of money. Scammers purchased these types email id and use them to theft the identity of users. By this method scammers got a big data quickly. To avoid these type of tracking always checkout the privacy policy of the websites which ask for your personal information.
  • Scammer also tries to hack the online database of big companies. The database of big companies has all the information of their clients. Once the database is theft all the personal information can be miss utilized by the hackers. To avoid this I suggest never provide your original email id online. Make some fake email ids and submit online where you think unsecure.
  • risk of opening unknown email attachments.

  • importance of data backup and recovery.

  • importance of using an antivirus.

What can a scammer do with my email address.

  • All email accounts have their own address book. Email client save the contact information in the address book. Scammers can use these address for scamming. As previously i said the scammers buy the email address. By getting the address book of any email account scammers can make money easily. Sometime the official data also saved in the inbox or sent box of email account. After getting access scammer easily get your official data. Scammers can take advantage of each contact you have in your email address book.

  • Some email account services connected with your devices. For example android devices connected with google account, iphone id also connected with an email account. Some people give full permission to google id for his android device. In this situation if any scammer got access to email id then he can do the permitted operations with your device. It is the most dangerous thing what a scammer do with an email account. This is the main thing among what can a scammer do with my email address.
  • Email account has the addresses of all relatives and friends. Scammer can use these email address to lay down your reputation. They can sent some violated, adult links to all address which cause down your reputation. Scammer can spread some rumors from your email account which ruin your social reputation.
  • Emil account is necessary for online shopping. Scammers can use an email account for shopping. Some email users keep their financial details in email. Once if the email account exposed to scammer he can place orders for purchasing goods online. After financially exposed you think yourself what can a scammer do with my email address.
  • Mostly social sites linked with email account. Scammers can login to social sites on behalf of email id. Scammers can change password of any account which is linked with email address. Scammer published unauthorized content on social sites which can’t be controlled without knowing the password. Scammers can also delete the email account. Many email account linked with banking or other important services. After deletion of email account these services may be disturbed.

  • Scammer also used malicious code to get the physical address of an online user. Scammer sent an email without any attachment. When the user opens it a code containing the physical address is sent to the scammer and malware installed in the user system.

I hope after reading this small article you mostly aware about what can a scammer do with my email address.

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