Ways To Secure Your WiFi Network: Tips

ways to secure your WiFi network

What are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

Wi Fi network used to interconnect the devices for transfer data or internet sharing. You should follow some ways to secure your WiFi network. WiFi networks are the main target of cyber criminals. SSID and password is used for authentication to connect WiFi devices. Cyber-criminals always try to break the password to unwanted access the WiFi network.  This article tells you some good ways to secure your WiFi network from unwanted access. Cyber-criminals can send illegal data from your WiFi network if it is not so secure. It is very important to keep secure your private WiFi network. Following are some ways to secure your WiFi network.

Change the SSID of your network regular basis.

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. Every WiFi network identifies by its SSID. It is the name of the WiFi network. If any device searches for WiFi network then the SSID appears in result. Now only password is required to connect with WiFi network. I suggest to regular change the name of your wireless network. Some WiFi devices have the option to hide the SSID. It is also enhance your WiFi security if you hide it from WiFi search. Never keep the default SSID for your WiFi devices. Never keep the SSID which introduced yourself like your name. It is one of the some ways to secure your WiFi network.

Change the password of your network regular.

Password is the main wall of security in any system. WiFi network also required a strong and perfect password to keep it secure. It’s good to use a strong password which is not belongs to your personal information. All WiFi devices have a default password which is easy to guess. I suggest never keep the default password for any device. Change the password regularly and always use the difficult password. Use minimum 10 characters including small and capital alphabet with number and special characters.

Use the latest security encryption.

WiFi routers have various types of security encryption. It depends on your laptop or smartphone which level of security encryption is compatible to them. Generally WEP(wired equivalent privacy), WPA(WiFi protected access) and WPA2 are the security encryption used by the WiFi routers. The aim of security encryption is to send and receive data in encrypted from. So that no any third party tool or device monitor your communicated data. I suggest using the highest levels of encryption are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

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Keep off the WiFi network device when not in use.

It’s a good habit to keep off the devices when not in use. It will save energy. In case of WiFi network keeping off devices will save the data also. I suggest turning off all the WiFi devices when not in use. In opposite words turn on the WiFi routers only when you need to use it.

Check the connected users in admin console.

All WiFi routers show records of currently connected users. You can identify the unknown connected device and block it manually. If you are using many devices with a router then you can count the Numbers of devices connected with it. You have to access the admin console of your WiFi router to check it. There are many more features in the admin console of WiFi router. You can fix the numbers of devices to connect with WiFi routers. I suggest doing monitoring on connected users are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

Set transmitting power as per requirement.

Set the WiFi range according to your requirement. WiFi routers have provision to set the transmitting power. Place the WiFi router such as all corners of your home access it easily. I suggest don’t keep the WiFi router at a place so it can be access from outside of your house. Transmitting less power and keep it out of range from outside are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

Disable unauthorized access to WiFi router admin console.

WiFi routers have many ways to access it. I suggest to keep disable the remote access option in your WiFi router. Set your WiFi router settings to get accessed from wired connected device only. In this case only wired connected device can be used to make changes in its setting. Even devices connected via WiFi not able to access its admin console.

Keep enable firewall of WiFi router.

Mostly WiFi routers have inbuilt firewall option. Firewall is a good tool to enhance the security layer from unwanted traffic. Firewall makes your network more secure from malware attacks and hackers attack. I suggest keeping enabled the firewall in your WiFi router. Keep update the software of your WiFi router if its update is available online. Many WiFi routers set the firewall enabled by default. These are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

Allow only identified device to connect with your WiFi network.

All networking adopters have a unique physical address which is known as MAC address. WiFi routers have provision to allow only devices with particular MAC addresses. I suggest binding your WiFi network with particular MAC addresses so that only identified devices can connect in your WiFi network.

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Change IP address segment from to another.

Do it if it’s possible to change the network IP address. By default the WiFi routers use IP address as gateway. Admin console of WiFi router can also accessed by it. It is easy for any connected device to access wife router via the default IP address, default user name and password. I suggest changing the network segment from to another or anything else. These are good ways to keep secure your WiFi network. Doing some changes in default settings are good ways to secure your WiFi network.

Disable DHCP to provide an extra layer of security.

DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. DHCP service allows devices to connect with each other without any IP configuration. When a device is connected to DHCP enabled WiFi router then it will automatically assigned the IP addresses. I suggest disabling the DHCP service and feed manual IP addresses in the devices when required to connect with it. It needs some good knowledge of networking for manually allotment of IP addresses.

I hope the above ways to secure your WiFi network will helpful to you. If you found this article helpful share it. You can also drop a comment for any suggestion concerned to this article.

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