Ways to keep secure your smart phone: Tips

ways to keep secure your smart phone

What are the good Ways to keep secure your smart phone.

Smart phone become a part of life. It is necessary to know some good ways to keep secure your smart phone.  Awareness about the security of smart phone is necessary. Types of security are different. It may be physical security, accessibility security, data security etc. most of us keep save the sensitive data in our smart phones memory. The personal information, financial information, online banking details, credit card details, various username and passwords are generally save in the memory of smart phones.

What will happen if you lost your smart phone instantly? The first thing comes in my mind is about the contacts stored in smart phone. Secondly the photos memories stored in smart phone. Then my personal documents, banking details and the email username and passwords. It will make me in a big trouble for some time if I lost my smart phone. In this article I wish to share some good ways to keep secure your smart phone.

Make your smart phone password protected.

All smart phones have the feature to use password protection for wake up the screen. Many ways of password protection available with smart phones. Swipe, pattern, Pin and password are the common options to set smart phone password protected. Every time you need to enter the password or pattern when you turn on your smart phone. I suggest to use two factor authentication for unlock the smart phone. Some smart phones have the feature of fingerprint authentication. It is also increase the level of security for your smart phone. Using the password protection for smart phones are good ways to keep secure your smart phone.

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Keep backup of the data of your smart phone.

Backup is always helpful to restore any device. It doesn’t matter what kind of data you have in your smart phone. I suggest keeping the backup regularly and keeping the backup files in safe place. Many companies like google drive provide online space to keep data. You can retrieve the data from online storage and use it anywhere anytime. You need only internet connection in your device. Most of us save the personal photos, videos, documents in our smart phone. It is necessary to make a copy of all the data and save it in another device. Contacts are the major thing for security of smart phone. If your contact goes in wrong hands then it can be misused. I suggest keeping a vcf backup file of your contacts and stored it in a safe place. Follow the ways to keep secure your smart phone.

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Encrypt your data and smart phone.

Encryption is a good feature to keep secure the data. Many applications available for encryption of smart phone data. Some android devices have inbuilt feature of encryption. The main advantage of encryption is that nobody can retrieve the information stored in your smart phone. Decryption of any encrypted data needs an authentication password. So it is very useful to keep the data in encrypted format in your smart phone. I suggest keeping the data backup in the encrypted format also. Data lost is not a big problem the problem is that the data should not be captured by any person in plane format. Keeping the data in encrypted format is one of some good ways to keep secure your smart phone.

Install trusted apps only in smart phone.

Some apps are preinstalled in the smart phone. These apps can’t be uninstalled. According to the requirement of user many third party apps are available online. These apps may be banking apps, mail account apps, games etc. I suggest using only the trusted apps. To know about the app must read the reviews of users while downloading. Many apps are developed by hackers to steal the information stored in your smart phone. Mostly the bank and financial websites provide their own apps for users. Use these apps for safe and secure transaction. It will also provide an extra layer of security for your smart phone. Always keep disable the installation of apps from unauthorized sources. Don’t click on any popup or ads on any website in your smart phone.

Turn on tracking feature in your smart phone.

For android users Google provides a feature to locate your device remotely allows remote lock and erase. Enable these features for security of your smart phone. If you lost your smart phone at any place then you can erase all the data remotely. It will secure your online data, mail account and other information stored in your smart phone.

Turn off WiFi when not in use.

Smart phone have a good feature of sharing data on WiFi network. This feature is hotspot and it works on WiFi network. It is very beneficial to use the data from one source to save the cost. WiFi network is not so secure to use. I suggest turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. If you are using the WiFi hotspot then always use the password protection network. Never allow users to connect with your hotspot without password authentication. Smart phone have both features for connectivity via hotspot without password and with password.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Bluetooth is also a risky feature for smart phones. Bluetooth is mostly used to steal the data from smart phone. It is possible to use the smart phone for SMS, voice call and data sharing via Bluetooth. I suggest to set your Bluetooth non discoverable. Never allow unknown devices for establish a Bluetooth connection.

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Use some trusted Security software.

Use some security software for your smart phone. Many dangers of hacking can be avoided by using some good antivirus. Some smart phone comes with inbuilt security tools. Use these firmware tools for safety of your smart phone.

Follow the above ways to keep secure your smart phone. Don’t became an easy target to the hackers or thieves. If you found this article helpful share it with your friends.

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