Ways To Keep Secure Children Online: Tips

ways to keep secure children online

Some good Ways to keep secure Children online.

Security is necessary when working on internet. Children are the easy target of hackers. Parents can avoid any online risk of security by following some ways to keep secure children online. Children don’t know about the security issue on internet. Generally children use internet for education purpose. There is no any restriction on internet for opening safe websites only. Hackers use many tricks to make a trap for online users. Children are commonly do wrong things online. The data stored in computer is most important for its owner. In this article I suggest some good ways to keep secure children online.

Educate children about computer and internet.

Many wrong things can be avoided if children know the function of computer and internet. Following are some ways to keep secure children online.

  • Educate your children about the computer and internet. What is the function of various parts of computer like hard disk, RAM etc? Teach your children how program works in a computer.
  • Educate children to use strong password for online accounts. Never share the login credential of any account with friends.
  • Use any password manager software to manage the login credential. If it is required to keep writing username and password then keep the written data away from the computer.
  • Never open the unknown email which offering something free of cost. Don’t share the personal information online with any one.
  • Never download free software and games online from unknown websites. Avoid playing online games.
  • Keep search engine in safe mode to avoid the rough websites in search result.
  • Don’t share personal information online. Avoid sharing children name, phone number, email address, date of birth, photos, videos etc.


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 Define some rules for using internet.

It is very difficult to always keep watch on children’s online activity. Keep the computer or laptop in a place where all family members can watch the activities. Fix the time for use of internet so that you can monitor the online activities of children. Educate children about some common online safety rules. Read some good articles online regarding safety rules online. Never permit children to use internet for long unmonitored time. Use parental control software in your computer. Always discuss with children if you feel something went wrong. Follow some good ways to keep secure children online.

Use an antivirus

Antivirus is an essential software when we talking about security. Internet security antivirus provides an extra layer of security online. Chances of malware and phishing infection are reduced by using antivirus. It will also reduce the risk online hacking. Educate children about the function of antivirus like scanning, alerts and suggestion. Always install the antivirus update without any hesitation. Using some good security software are good ways to keep secure children online.

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Avoid piracy

Always use genuine operating system and software in computer. Install the updates regular basis. It will also provide an extra layer of security. It can protect against scammers, hackers and other security concerned. Pirated soft wares are very risky to use online. Pirated soft wares are easy target for cyber-criminal because it can’t be update. Using some genuine software are good ways to keep secure children online. Educate the children about the piracy.

Use Guest account for children.

Guest account is always secure to use online. Guest accounts have very less privilege than administrator account. Any software installation process can be done only by administrator account. If unknowingly children download the freeware then it will not install without administrator permission. Keep a strong password for administrator account. It will help to avoid installation of online malware. Educate children about the account function of computer.

Don’t use common password for children’s account.

Generally children use the common password for online activities. Teach children about the importance of strong passwords. Tell children to use strong and unique passwords for every online account. It may be mail account, social site account or any financial account. Create password including lower, upper case, numbers and special characters. Using different password for every account are good ways to keep secure children online.

Monitor online activities.

It is depend on parents how to monitor children online activities. Use some software for monitoring online activities. Use some parental control of operating system. Check recent programs and history of browsers. Keeps communication with your child regarding online security. Monitor what type websites accessed and content downloaded in the computer. If you found your child could be the target of hackers then talk to him and clarify the situation.

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Discuss about online dangers.

Always communicate with children regarding online dangers. Discuss about the hackers and harmful software which effect online security. Aware children about keeping safe email account, facebook account. Suggest some security blogs to your child subscribe for newsletter. It will keep update your child about the latest security threats and tricks. Discussions on online security are good ways to keep secure children online.

Listen to children

When children learn something online they want to tell what they learnt. Always give them chance to explain what they learnt. If you think they are doing wrong alert them. Teach them the right way of doing things online.

Aware children about dangers of public WiFi

Teach children about the risk of public WiFI. Hackers are mostly active on the public WiFi. Airport, railway station, metro station coffee shop are generally used the public WiFi. Pubic WiFi is never safe for children. Never share any personal information on public WiFi network.

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