Ways To Keep Remain Safe Online:Tips

ways to keep remain safe online

Some good ways to keep remain safe online

Safety is important all the time. What are the ways to keep remain safe online during a transaction? This question always comes in mind during online transaction. All transaction portal alerts the user and provides some good ways to keep remain safe online. Mostly the user ignores the message and made transaction without following the instruction. We should always read the safety tips of online transaction portals. In this article I suggest some common ways to keep remain safe online.

Think before click

Think before click on any link in a website. Mostly bank portal provides virtual key board for login. It is a good online safety tool.  Malware software monitors and records online activities in a system. Malware record the key press on keyboard and sent report to hackers on a remote location. It is sufficient to expose the login credential of any one who is using a malware infected computer. By using the virtual keyboard in a website this risk can be minimized. By using the virtual keyboard only mouse clicks required to fill the login credential. Malware does not work for mouse activities. It is one of good ways to keep remain safe online.

Don’t Leave sign.

Use the incognito window of any browser to do an online transaction. Incognito windows history doesn’t track by the malware or viruses. The websites browsed in incognito windows can’t be traced by history, cookie store, search or any other way.

Enter the address by typing in address bar.

Keep remember the web address of banking portals. Enter the address by typing in the address bar of browser. Never use search engine for doing an online transaction. Many fake websites hosted by the hackers which have similar look like original. The hackers use email to send the links of these websites. This technique is call phishing.  When a user fills the credentials to login via these fake websites. The login information can be captured by the hackers. The fake websites have similar name and look as the legal websites. These are good ways to keep remain safe online.

Ensure the https:// with url.

Always check the address of transaction website. It should have the https with an icon as prefix of address in address bar. If not so then don’t use that website. Refresh the webpage or enter address again. Never click on the unknown popups which say “congrats you win”.

Never use poor passwords.

Always use strong passwords to keep remain safe online during a transaction. It is easy to guess the poor password like date of birth, series of number etc. Never use same password for different websites. Phrases are good to remember and can be easily used to make strong password. Password is only the wall between a cyber-criminal and an end-user. Keep change the passwords regularly.

Two step verification.

Two step verification is used to improve the ways to keep remain safe online.  Many online financial websites have this technique. Two step verification enhance the online security by generating a short code for mobile. Without this short code the transaction can’t be completed. Never do any setting to ignore two step verification for transaction online.

Check the online accounts regularly.

Make a habit to check your online financial statements regularly. If you find any wrong transaction or activity don’t ignore it. Tell about it to the concerned authority and follow the ways to keep remain safe online.

Use antivirus in computer for online transaction.

Use a good online protection antivirus. Always keep update your system’s operating system and antivirus. By installing updates the common security vulnerabilities easily removed. Some antiviruses have their own browser to provide secure browsing online.

Activate the alert features.

Some banks portal provides alert facility. For a transaction exceeds to a fix threshold an alert sms sent by the bank. These alert facilities are good ways to keep remain safe online for financial transaction.

Avoid to use public Wi-Fi.

Never use public open Wi-Fi for online transaction. Public Wi-Fi is not secure anywhere for online shopping, banking even for social media. Cyber criminals can track or capture your identity and login detail on public open Wi-Fi. To use the public open Wi-Fi use your creativity and follow the ways to keep remain safe online always.

avoid using public computers

Avoid using the public computers for any online transaction. Public computers are used various peoples and mostly infected by virus and malware. Your login credentials can easily be trapped by these malware. If you have to use the public computer use the incognito tabs of the browsers. Never allow the browsers to keep remember your login details at public place. These are some good ways to keep remain safe online on public computers.

Never share login details to anyone.

Never share your login credential information with any one. Sometime people share their banking login details to their close friends to make any purchase or transaction. Bank never asked for login details via phone or emailing. Never respond to the unknown phone calls or email which ask for your banking login detail or password or PIN.

Remain offline when no need of internet.

If you don’t working on internet then disconnect the internet connection. It is a good practice to keep secure your data. Some malware works online even if your computer is not in working but turn on.

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