Ways To Keep Remain Safe From Keylogger:Tips

ways to keep remain safe from keylogger

What are the good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger?

Keylogger is a type of  software use to track the keystroke in any computer system. User can follow some ways to keep remain safe from keylogger. Internet becomes the main media for transaction of money and data sharing. Hackers use keylogger program to track every keystroke of computer online. Keylogger program works secretly and doesn’t appear in program list. Keylogger program can be installed manually by anyone. It can also be installed by any virus or malware via email or data sharing. Online watching movies, playing music, playing games and freeware are the common source of keylogger program.

Once keylogger installed in a computer by any medium. It is not so easy to detect it without any tool. Even keylogger doesn’t make any effect on the performance of computer. A keylogger program can record all the keystrokes in symmetry. it can send the report to a hacker in a remote location over the internet. All the process is done without interrupting the computer work.  Keep away the risk of hacking by following some good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger. Your online banking credentials, personal identity information can easily be trap by keylogger software. The main aim of keylogger program is to steal your personal and financial information.

What are the ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

We can remove any program if it is detectable. Keylogger are programmed to remain hidden in a computer. Without detecting any software it is not so easy to delete it. I give some tips to keep protect your computer from such type of harmful program. Follow the following ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Use firewall

Firewall is good tools to keep remain safe from keylogger program. Keylogger always try to make connection with unknown source on internet. This unknown source is defined by the hacker it may be any computer in all over the world. Once keylogger establish the connection of your computer with the unknown source. it starts sending the information of keystrokes. By this activity hackers can easily steal your valuable information. Firewall monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic activity and filters it accordingly. It is good security tool to deny the unwanted incoming and outgoing traffic. Firewall filter the traffic passes through it. When a keylogger try to establish connection with remotely host then firewall drop all the outgoing data. By using a firewall your personal and financial information can be protected by keylogger. Using some firewall tools are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Use virtual keyboard.

Keylogger records the keystroke of keyboard. Generally keylogger identifies the ASCII code generated by the key of keyboard. Keylogger software programmed to record every ASCII code generated by input devices. Virtual keyboard needs only clicks of mouse to get input. Mouse click generate only single ASCII key so it doesn’t beneficial to the hackers to records mouse click. By using mouse clicks on the virtual keyboard personal and financial information easily filled online. Mostly banks used the virtual keyboard to fill the online credential.

Avoid public computers and Wi-Fi networks.

Public computers mostly affected by keylogger program.  As there are various people access the public computer for online activities and data sharing. I suggest avoiding using public computer for online activities if possible. Publicly open WiFi networks also suspected for privacy and security of data transferred on the internet. Avoiding public computers and WiFi networks are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger. There are a lots of chances that the owner of public WiFi can use any tool similar as keylogger to steal your personal and financial information.

Change passwords regularly.

If you are in doubt that your last online activity recorded by a keylogger. You have to change the passwords of your online accounts immediately on a different computer. The reason behind it is if your information recorded by keylogger in a public computer. There are a lot of chances that information can sent to hacker on a remote location. If you change your password than hacker can’t do anything with the stolen information. Mostly it will take time to get the stolen information by hackers. Changing passwords of online accounts are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Automatic form filling utility.

All browsers have a setting to record the information filled by user online. You have to choose allow automatic form filling option in a browser.  After enabling this option you don’t need to type the similar information in various forms. Also you don’t require entering the password again and again for same websites. It is understood that if you don’t fill the information by keyboard than it will not recorded by any keylogger on computer. Allowing auto form filling are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Use a trusted password manager.

Many antiviruses have a tool which can be use as a password manager. Password manager create a database in the computer. This database stores the username and password used by user. Every time when you need to login in any online activity. The password manager automatically filled the login credential. By using these password managers you don’t need to stroke the key of keyboard. It will provide a good security against the keylogger program. Using such type trusted password managers are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Always keep updated software.

Security vulnerability always depends on software installed in computer. By installing update for software the chances of security breaches reduced. Many times the keylogger automatically blocked by the latest update of operating system or software. Security patches released by the operating system companies on a regular basis. Don’t ignore to install the updates for making secure your personal and financial information. Updating software of your system are good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger.

Use updated antivirus or anti-spyware.

The last tip is using a good antivirus or anti-spyware in your computer. Antivirus easily scans the computer for the harmful programs like keylogger. After detection any keylogger program antivirus alert the user or remove these harmful program automatically. Along with  the operating system it is also necessary to keep update the antivirus. An updated antivirus can easily detect the latest keylogger program and do the necessary action.

Use the above good ways to keep remain safe from keylogger. This risk of security breaches became minimized but will not be fully finish. The hackers trying to steal the information by many new technique. I suggest to keep update yourself to avoid any leakage of personal or financial information.

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