Way to Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Virus

Way to Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Virus

Computer is common thing to do daily works. The chances of hacking and infection from virus increased when we work online on internet. Security is necessary to save our data and identity online. In this article we suggest some good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

  • Avoid opening the email from unknown address.
  • Avoid opening unknown email attachments.
  • Avoid opening email attachments directly in browsers.
  • Avoid replying for unknown email which have suspicious subject.
  • Avoid downloading the untrusted files from internet.
  • Avoid using untrusted free softwares available on internet.
  • Always use a good trusted antivirus in your computer.
  • Keep backup of your sensitive data in encrypted form in your computer.
  • Keep update your computer softwares and operating system.
  • Keep an eye on your online accounts.
  • Keep enable the firewall during use of internet.
  • Keep your financial credential secret.
  • Always use the social media online smartly.
  • Don’t allow unknown popup in your browser.
  • Avoid to click on links which offering you anything without any reason.
  • Keep your browser securities setting at high level.
  • Don’t trust on unknown internet websites.
  • Shopping online smartly from trusted websites only.
  • Avoid browsing the porn websites.

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Use your email accounts very carefully.

Emails are mostly used by hackers for spreading virus and stealing information. Most of us daily got unknown email in our inbox. Mostly spams filtered by the email service provider and sent to spam folder. After it all you should do something manually with your email account. Avoid opening the email which comes from unknown email address. Never open unknown email attachment as hacker sent the virus programs in the form of email attachments. Many time viruses replicate it via emails. If you need to open an attachment then firstly download it in your hard drive and then scan it with a good antivirus application.  Avoid opening the emails which contain meaningless subject like winning lottery or bank details etc. Don’t reply to unknown emails with your personal information and banking details. follow this way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

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What is the benefit of anyone who gives you free software online?

It’s a big question always when I need any solution and need any software. All internet users are not software developer mostly are users only. We should know the harm of untrusted free softwares available on internet. The biggest problem with free ware is that we don’t know what happening at backend after installing it. Freeware contains spyware, malware or many kinds of virus. Once you install any free software the chances of breaching security increased. To keep secure from such type harm use a trusted antivirus. Always do a scan for the downloaded file in your computer. Be careful when installing any freeware in your computer. Use trusted and reputable website for downloading any third party software. avoiding to install unknown software is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

Running computer without antivirus is a big loop hole for hackers.

Many types of computer virus and spyware developed daily in the world. These viruses spread via internet to worldwide. Antivirus keeps a database which identifies these virus and spywares and cleans your computer. It is not possible to identify any virus or spyware manually. You need to install a good antivirus and keep it update always. Antivirus developer gives update to its users online. These updates contain the information about latest virus and spyware. Set a schedule for scanning and update antivirus. The schedule may be weekly or monthly depends on you. Never disallow the updates or scan. Using trusted antivirus is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.


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Your personal data is the most important thing in your digital life.

Yes! That’s true. Your operating system can be restored, any software can be reinstalled. But if you lost your personal data then it became a big trouble. Think about it with an example suppose your mobile phone suddenly stop working and you can’t access to it. The first thing comes in mind is about your contacts stored in it. If you don’t have any backup of your contact anywhere else then how to recover them? For me it is very important to keep the personal data in encrypted form in another device. You can decide it yourself about it. I suggest not keeping the sensitive data in your computer on which you work daily online. Keep a copy of all your data in another device or storage. Keeping data backup and store in another place is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

Updating the software and antivirus is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

What is the necessity of updating? All software developer and programmer know it well. Mostly computer users don’t know about it. Hackers work all over the world to find loop hole in softwares. After finding any loophole hackers make virus and spywares to steal the information and data via internet. Now the software companies have to find the virus and remove the loop hole of the software via updating them. User of software doesn’t need to know about it all. He can secure his computer by updating the software and antivirus programs.


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Keep an eye on online accounts activity is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

It happens many times we don’t access our online accounts periodically. The online accounts may be email account, banking accounts or other financial account. Hackers do try always to steal the money from bank accounts. It is not necessary that they steal whole amount once. They can set a program for a very little amount deduction on every transaction. If you find any misbehave or unknown activity within your online account. Rectify it immediately and do the needful what is necessary for it. Any unknown activity can be used to steal your personal data from computer or money from online accounts.

Enabling any firewall is a good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

Many types of firewall used for security purpose. Every operating system has its own firewall. By default the firewall remains off. You have to enable it on manually and set according to your requirement. Firewalls do a filter every time for incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer. It is very important to drop the unwanted and harmful traffic before entering in your computer. Firewall also prevent transmit the unwanted traffic from your computer. Generally spyware and malware transmit the data from any computer to a remote server or computer. Enable firewall to avoid such things.


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Use social media in a good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

It became fashion to share every moment of life on social media. Never share your travelling plan, present location on social media. Never share your financial secret and bank account details on social media. Your personal information shared on social media may be a big aid for hackers. Hide your personal details keep them secret.

Use email account in a good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

Never respond to unknown email messages. Never click on unknown links in emails they can be used to install spyware and malware in your computer. Download the attachments before opening it direct in browser.

Keep setting of browser security level at high.

Think before click on any popup when working online. Hackers attract the online users by offering some false benefits. Always avoid these fake offers and ensure the site is trusted. There are many online tools to verify any website. Use these tools carefully. I suggest use the incognito windows for browsing online bank account or shopping accounts. Financial credentials are very important for you. Using the browser smartly is good way to protect your computer from hackers and virus.

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