Way To Protect Against Phishing Attacks: Tips

way to protect against phishing attacks

Know some good Way to protect against phishing attacks.

Phishing scams are very common methods of cyber-crime. Phishing scams are used to steal the information online. We should aware about way to protect against phishing attacks. Phishing scam is very common method to steal the information from any computer. All bank portals and online transaction portal give alerts about phishing on their website. It is not necessary that all security software provide safety from phishing scam. Along with the security software we should follow way to protect against phishing attacks.

What is Phishing scam? What are some good way to protect against phishing attacks?

Phishing scam is a method used by hackers to steal the identity of online users. Hackers used false websites, scam emails, lottery winning popups and false link. Generally it happens that some false links appears in browser. these links includes message of winning lottery, computer cleaning and virus cleaning etc. these false links are used for phishing scam. These false links ask for registration by filling personal information. When user submit his personal information it will automatically sent to the remote computer. Mostly phishing scams are used to steal the financial information like online banking login credential, credit card details. By following some way to protect against phishing attacks. user can secure his personal data online.

When user clicks on phishing scam links it will open a fake website. The fake website is look likes the original website. Format of most popular websites are used to make trap of phishing scam. When user try to login in these fake websites then the login credential are automatically sent to the hacker. Which can be used by hackers for any crime? This is the normal trick of phishing. Also these links come with attachment of unknown email in mail box. The function of these all fake links is same. Below is some good way to protect against phishing attacks. 

Always check the address of incoming emails.

Email system is mostly used for phishing scam. Hackers send fake mail for phishing regularly. The addresses from of these mails are looks like similar to original email address. For example it may be support@amazune.co.in. Normally users think this address is from the world’s most popular online shopping website amazon. This type of mail mostly used for phishing scam links. I suggest to always checking the address of incoming emails. Never open the incoming email sent by strangers. Never trust on lottery winning email, virus removal email etc. it is good way to protect against phishing attacks.

Don’t click on unknown links includes in email body text.

Incoming email from unknown address may contain some links in the text of body.  It is not necessary that these links identify by user without moving the mouse cursor on them. I suggest moving the mouse cursor on the text of body to check for links. Never click on the unknown links which are not identified generally. Follow this way to protect against phishing attacks.

Check for mistakes in spelling.

Phishing scam starts working when the link clicked by user. Mostly linked text is same the name of any famous brand, celebrity, bank or social site. I suggest for checking the spellings of any linked text. If you find any mistake in spelling or grammatically, never click on these links. Follow this way to protect against phishing attacks.

Never respond to unknown friend request on social media.

Without knowing anybody never respond to friend request. Personal information easily tracked by social media. Some fake message for friendship displayed on rough websites. Never come in these phishing traps of hacker. These links are generally use for phishing scam. On any social media be very careful while making friends. It is a good way to protect against phishing attacks.

Always avoid filling up personal information on unknown websites.

Phishing scammers offer to draw lottery money, online virus removing tool etc. The actual aim of these offers is to collect the personal information of online user. Never fill up the personal or financial information in unknown websites. Why anyone give you any amount without your appearance in competition. It’s a good way to protect against phishing attacks.

Ignore the email says your account is locked.

Mostly websites have the option of forget your password. This option is generally used by us. This option works by sending a link to registered email address. Hackers also used this method for phishing scam. I suggest never respond to any unknown email to reset your password or unlock an account.

Ignore the mail starting with Dear Sir/Madam

All the financial portals know your name on which you have an account. When any financial website sends any informative mail to the customer. The mail started with the customer name. The hackers don’t know your name so phishing mail is use Dear, Sir/Madam etc. I suggest if you got any unknown email start with these words ignore to open it. A good way to protect against phishing attacks.

Beware from the mail which warns for a deadline.

Urgent warning for blocking of account or change password is always suspect. Reputed companies never delete or block the account of their customers without any reason. Cyber criminals generally use this trick for phishing scam. When a user got this type email, it is possible that user will try to change the password from a fake site. The personal or financial data of user may be steal by hacker.

Beware from the spear phishing scam.

Social networking websites are use by mostly internet users. Mostly of us publish all events on social networking website to show off about us. I suggest never publish the money transaction details on these websites. The reason behind it is that on social networking websites any one can get general information about you. If Phishing scammers know about your last transaction they can sent you a phishing mail including your name and amount of last transaction. It is possible user will easily trap by this type email. To avoid it use security controls of social networking websites. identify spear phishing scam is good way to protect against phishing attacks.

Use some security tools

Keep protected with spam filters, antivirus, anti-spyware software and firewall. Use your own awareness when working on internet. Avoid downloading free tools which make some offer to you. Always keep update your operating system and antivirus.

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