Way to Get Protection From Malware: Tips

way to get protection from malware

What are the good way to get protection from malware?

Malware software developed to infect the computers. There are many way to get protection from malware. To prevent from malware general awareness plays a great role. Malware are programmed to gain access or damage the computers. If malware gain access to a computer it can steal the information and transmit it to a remotely host. The information may be personal information or financial. Malware are of various types like spyware, keylogger, worms and true viruses. There are many source of malware infection like internet, data sharing, freeware, pirated applications, email etc. My previous article on keylogger is also provides some tips to keep remain safe from infection of computer. Following are some way to get protection from malware infection.

Use a trusted antivirus.

Trusted and updated antivirus works good to give protection from malware. There are many types of antivirus available to keep secure computers. Some users download the free antivirus from internet. Free antivirus is not trusted in any way. It may include any malware program in it. The malware program can install in computer with the free antivirus. Think why anyone gives you free software without any benefit. Trusted antivirus provides the trial versions for a limited time period. You can use the trail version to know its performance. After satisfaction activate the trial version by purchasing its key and activate it. Using trusted antivirus program is a good way to get protection from malware. Some good trusted antivirus companies are Norton, Kaspersky, quick-heal, avast, mcafee.

Keep update your antivirus.

Trusted antivirus companies release latest updates for antivirus. Antiviruses have both option to install update automatically and manual. I suggest enabling the automatic installation of updates for antivirus. Updating of antivirus provides a strong layer of security for computers. The previous vulnerabilities are removed by update patches. Cyber-criminals used new type of malware day by day to steal the data. Sometimes outdated antivirus is unable to protect the computer from latest malware threats.

Online Antispyware protection is good way to get protection from malware.

It is not necessary that antivirus works for real-time antispyware protection. Antivirus come with many features the cost of antivirus increased accordingly. I suggest installing the antivirus which includes real-time antispyware protection. It will provide a good security from malwares when you are working online. Malware mostly spread on the internet through rough websites. You can also install an antispyware protection tool along with the antivirus. Follow this way to get protection from malware.

Enable auto scan in antivirus software.

Antivirus has capacity to scan the whole computer for malware and virus. Mostly antivirus have a provision to make schedule for scanning. I suggest making a fix schedule for scan your computer weekly or fortnightly. If possible do a scan manually when your computer goes slow or restarts automatically. Always do a scan when you connect any storage media with your computer. Storage media is a good spread source for malware.

Keep update the operating system.

Installing latest updates for operating system is good way to get protection from malware infection. Using an updated operating system is more beneficial like updated antivirus program. Updates of operating system make it strong against the security vulnerabilities.

Never enable auto run.

When a new storage media connected to computer some program automatically executes. It happens because of auto run setting of computer. Malware spread themselves automatically from storage media when attached with a new computer. The storage media could be pen-drive, external HDD, External DVD drive. To avoid such type malware infection disable the auto run features of operating system.

Never open unknown email attachments.

Cyber-criminal use emails to spread the malware over the internet. When a new unknown mail comes in inbox I suggest deleting it without opening it. Email system is mostly used for various types of crime on internet.  A lot of chance occurs of malware infection if anyone clicks on the unknown email attachments. A scammer can steal your personal and financial information by sending a malware through email. This method is good way to get protection from malware.

Use internet smartly.

Internet is a good media for hackers to spread the malwares. Use your common sense when surfing the internet. It happens commonly that popup windows open and ask to install program. These popup can install the malware in the computer if anonymously clicked. The popup give common message to clean up computer or winning lottery message. Unaware users come in their trap easily. I suggest keeping update yourself with latest cyber-crime activities.

Never install unwanted software.

Firstly avoid installing unwanted software. If you installed any software anonymously remove it from program list.  Removing unwanted program from your computer is good way to get protection from malware. It is commonly observed that common user have lots of program in their computer. Many program are never used and neither be used in future. Remove the unwanted program it can be used for malware infection.

Never follow the fake tech advisor.

Trusted security companies never communicate via popup on internet. If you ever see any popup offering you to clean the malware infection from your computer then ignore it. Fake tech advisor offer to make free scan to your computer. It is a good technique of hackers to install the malware in online computers. I suggest never follow the unknown offers online in any way.

Use a secure connection online.

During any transaction of money online check the website address. It should be starts with https:// and a lock icon in the starting of the address bar. These symbols are sign of trusted secure connection on the internet. Never do any transaction for a website which address bar is showing red color and have http:// in the starting of address. Checking for secure connection is a good way to get protection from malware.

Never download any file from untrusted websites.

Many users download the software online without any hesitations.  The unknown software can be a big source of harmful malware. Use the antivirus trust program to download any file from internet. Never install any software online. Ignoring the download unknown file is a good way to get protection from malware. If you need any software from internet, I suggest downloading it from trusted website and doing a scan before installing it.  A good antivirus can detect malware in the downloaded file.

Enhance the Browser security level.

Browsers have many security settings like trusted websites, security level. I suggest keeping your browsers security setting level high. It will block the malware infected websites automatically. It is a good way to get protection from malware.

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