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social media safety tips for students

Know about some Social media safety tips for students.

Social media is not far from the teens or students. Social media became a trend for students. They share information with each other on social media. To keep them safe it is necessary to know some social media safety tips for students. We should aware about the cyber security and online security breach.

  • Don’t make a public profile on social media. Keep your profile safe from unknown strangers.
  • Don’t share information about yourself like important dates, photos of tour, travelling plan etc.
  • Don’t share personal details like phone number, home address, school address etc.
  • Keep your personal photos and videos safe in your smart phone or computer.
  • Don’t use any easy poor password for social site. Always use unique and strong password.
  • Don’t accept friend request of strangers without knowing them personally.
  • If anyone sending you private messages of harassing or teasing then talk to your elder about it. It is called cyber-bullying.
  • Don’t use your social media accounts in cyber café or on public computer.
  • Don’t share your sign in credential on any social media.
  • Don’t share your daily schedule on social media.

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Keep your profile private by using the privacy settings of social media accounts.

In today life your social activities are your identity. Using low security privacy setting is not good. Anyone can find you on social media by your mobile number or name. Nothing is secret on internet thats why we should know basic Social media safety tips for students. Private groups on social media are also not safe and secure. It is upon you how much you make your profile secret on social media. Don’t keep your profile public make it private and secret.

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Never share your personal information on social media.

Avoid sharing too much on social media. Keep your personal information personal like your mobile no. , travelling plans, your domestic events etc. Cyber-crime begins with personal information of anybody. Hackers and cyber criminals know how to use personal information of any internet user. Photo and other relevant documents can be used for any offensive purpose. Before sharing anything on social media follow the Social media safety tips for students.

Keep a strong password for your social media accounts.

Mostly users set poor or guessable password for their social media accounts. The password should not match with your personal information like your date of birth, mobile number etc. Create a password containing small letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters. Think yourself what can a stranger do with your account if he got access to your social accounts. Keep your online account secure by using a strong password. Also change the password periodically.

Keep the data secure in your phone or computer.

If you use your phone or computer regular for surfing social media or internet then never keep your important digital data unsecure in it. Use some trusted software of encryption the data. Many times we keep our personal details of bank account, credit card in plane form. It is a bad habit to keep such type financial information open.

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Keep social media privacy settings at high level.

Learn about the privacy policy of social media which is used by you. There are many options in privacy setting to keep you safe on social media. For example who can send you friend request, who can see your photos and posts etc. It is upon you how much you exposing yourself on social media. Use the privacy settings smartly.

Try to avoid linking the social account with other online accounts.

Many times we see some online accounts have option to sign in with google account, facebook account etc. By doing this your personal information is shared in both accounts. Try to avoid linking the social accounts with other online accounts. Keep the online accounts separate with each other.

Use two step verification for online accounts.

Mostly email service provider and social media websites have provision of two step verification. It is a good tool to keep you secure on social media websites. Every time when you login to these online accounts a SMS based verification done.

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