Risk Of Sharing Information On Social Media: Tips

risk of sharing information on social media

Awareness about the risk of sharing information on social media.

Social networking websites are common media on internet. these are use to share anything on the internet. We should be aware about the risk of sharing information on social media. It can be harmful to sharing too much information. Many internet users became habitual to the social networking websites. Social networking websites can be used for security threats by the hackers. You should aware about using social networking websites in right way.

Social networking websites allows user to share their thoughts, photos, videos. User can also share their location add events and much more. If any girl shares that she is alone at home. It is possible any criminal know about it from his social media profile. How much this type information is harmful it can imagine. Risk of sharing information on social media can be reduced by using it smartly and secure. I suggest some tips to use the social networking website securely.

Keep your identity secure on social networking websites.

Hackers can use your personal information very smartly for any cyber-crime. Social networking websites are the common source of personal information theft. Any online user can access the accounts on social networking websites. The information can be seen by anyone if it is allowed to visible for public. I suggest using the privacy section of social sites smartly. What happen if you don’t share your date of birth and email address on the social websites. Many online accounts can be accessed by name, email address and date of birth. It is very common to use forgot password with some personal information. I suggest never share personal information on social networking websites.

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Keep strong and distinct password for social sites.

Password is the key for all online activities. It is good practice to use strong password for online accounts. Generally we set the common password for social networking websites. It is observed many people use the same password for their email account and social sites. If anyone can access to their social site then he also access their email account. I suggest keep strong and unique password to reduce the risk of sharing information on social media.

Think before sharing on social websites.

Don’t share the events innocently on social websites. A very common mistake is wishing happy birthday to anyone on social websites. The mistake is that wishing birthday discloses the date of birth and name. The most common security question is “what is your mother’s median name”. If you share “happy birthday to my mother” and tag her photo then the security question easily answered. I suggest share the information smartly think before post anything about you on social websites. It will reduce the risk of sharing information on social media.

Keep your personal feelings secret.

It is very common that all people love someone and hate someone. These are personal feelings and should be keep secret. When you post anything on social media then it is visible to all your social website friends. Some peoples post about their coworker and boss. It is not good for your social reputation. I suggest don’t share any personal feeling on social media it may be spread bad impact on your social status. Think before posting the risk of sharing information on social media.

Keep whereabouts secure don’t post it.

Let you share on social sites that you are going for someday out of station. It is open invitation to the burglars to your house. He can steal your important things from your home. I suggest never share the whereabouts on the social sites. Aware your family members about it. So they all know the risk of sharing information on social media.

  • Never post your travel plan on social sites.
  • Never upload the photos of vacation until your return back to home.
  • Post the pictures and post with privacy. Select who can see your post or picture.
  • The best way is avoid using the social media during vacation. Enjoy the vacation and forgot about the others.


Don’t share the financial details on social media.

Never share the login credentials of your online banking accounts on social media. It may be captured by any hacker also. Many person thinks that firewall, antivirus will keep protect them from hackers. It is not 100% secure. You should use your creativity while posting on social media. Never share your salary details, bank account information on social media. It will reduce the risk of sharing information on social media.

Don’t send friend request to unknown persons.

Social sites suggest persons to make friends. It is an algorithm system by which the suggest friends list appears. Don’t send friend request to unknown persons on social media. There are lots of fake profiles on social media which are use for information theft. Malware phishing are the common traps which are used on social media for steal the information. Always make friends who recognized by you only.  Making friends carefully will reduce the risk of sharing information on social media.

Be cool if you are not feeling good on social media.

If anyone posted something wrong about you. it gives you bad feeling about yourself. I suggest be cool and think about it. It is possible you posted some bad things on social media about others. Improve you tolerance always respect others feelings. It will reflect same for you. If you think your friends harassing you remove them or block them. You can also report of the post to social site.

Don’t share application games results.

Many application games available on social media. Many of us play these games frequently. They share the status or result of these games on social media. For example how many you have killed on (unknown) wars or where they are buried? These posts give bad impression about you on social media. If you want to share these posts then use the privacy control. Don’t share such post publicly.

Don’t share following to reduce the risk of sharing information on social media.

  • Photos of anyone in wrong position.
  • Information of party expenditure and guests.
  • About your affair.
  • Complaints about your job, salary, boss or anyone.
  • Your family issues.
  • Image and videos of your children.
  • Personal information of your children.
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