Physical Security Of Computer Devices : Tips

physical security of computer devices

How much important the physical security of computer devices.

Security is always important for computer devices and gadgets. Physical security of computer devices is also important along with cyber security. Most of us ignore the importance of physical security of computer devices. Many times we leave the laptop open unattended. Many times we leave the computer unattended in office or home. These mistakes are commonly done by us. Such type negligible mistakes became very dangerous. In this article I explain some things about physical security of computer devices. 

The term Physical security related to theft, copy data, fire, disasters etc. in any case of physical security breach you can’t get back the data as well as hardware. Physical security of computer devices is much important than security from hacking, malware attack. Attackers don’t need any technical knowledge to do physical effect your computer devices.

Access control system.

The main vulnerability in physical security is access control to your computer devices. Physical access can be controlled by lock, access control cards and bio-metric access control system. You should use any of these systems according to your setup and importance of data. Keep an eye on your computer system is another good way. It will provide more physical security to your computer devices. You can do it by using some surveillance equipment like camera, intrusion detection system, smoke detectors etc. keep monitoring make more perfect to the physical security of computer devices.

Some digital devices require physical security are computers, desktop, laptop, smartphone, digital camera, portable hard drive, pen drive, DVD, routers, modems etc.

Now the question is how to improve the physical security of computer devices. It is depends on many factors. What kind of equipment you are using. How much important the data you have on your computer instrument. Some tips to improve the physical security of computer devices for individual and major companies are below.

Keep your servers in proper lock.

If someone can get access to your servers. He can theft hard disc, copy data, make any other damage to the servers. It will make a big trouble to you because of data loss. The data stored in the servers can be miss utilize. It can be sold to unauthorized person and many more. I suggest to keep your servers in proper locked rack and also make lock to your server if possible. it will provide more physical security of computer devices.

Keep servers in a locked place.

Mostly big companies keep their servers in data center which are well established. If you have a small setup of computer devices. I suggest keeping these devices in a locked room or place. It will improve the physical security of computer devices.

Use some surveillance system to keep monitoring.Use some good access control system.

To make it more secure you can use good access assets. Some good access assets are bio-metric access control, access card. By using these assets only authorized person able to access your computer system. One thing to keep in mind that you have to change the access code periodically.

Use good quality camera for monitoring computer instrument. Some camera provides the facility to see the output over internet from anywhere. By recording video of camera you can collect a good evidence for any type of physical damage or loss.

Use alarm system to get alert instantly.

Many types alarm system can be used to keep strong physical security of computer devices. Heat alarm, smoke alarm, fire alarms are good to install in your computer devices room.

Make disable the usb and cd drive.

It is very good method to keep secure your individual system from data theft. If you leave your computer or laptop standalone someone can copy the valuable data. To avoid this security vulnerability I suggest making disable the usb ports and cd drive.

Keep cabinet of CPU properly locked.

Good quality cabinets of CPU have provision for lock. Always use these lock system to avoid the theft of your hardware of computer. If someone stole hard drive from your computer. He can do anything with the data stored in hard drive. 

Keep data backup in a different location.

Don’t keep the data backup with your servers. Any physical damage to your computer devices will do same effect on the data backup file. In case of fire, theft, flood if you lost your computer device with data backup you can’t restore the data. I suggest keeping your data backup on any separate room or location under the lock. By keeping data backup in a different location the physical security of computer devices become stronger.

Never leave the network devices alone.

Network devices like modem, switch and router have their own configuration. Someone can use the configuration for stealing the data online from your network. As after getting the configuration he has all the security vulnerability of your networking device.

Keep  your portable devices secure.

Today mostly computer devices become portable like laptop, smartphone, tablets. It doesn’t matter what portable device you are using. All the devices are capable to store the digital data. It is easy to carry the portable device than the assembled computer system. The aim of the cyber criminal is to steal your data. It doesn’t matter what device are you using. So be careful about the portable devices in public places. Follow this rule to keep strong the physical security of computer devices.

Bottom line for physical security of computer devices.

  • Never connect unknown storage devices with your computer.
  • Always keep locked the computer room when leaving it.
  • Don’t leave the storage media in open place. Keep these media in proper locked cabinet or boxes.
  • Never keep the backup files in your computer. Always keep the backup files away from your computer room.
  • Use the cabinet lock for your computer.
  • Never share your computer password with anyone.
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