Make Money Online By Youtube : How To

make money online by youtube

How to make money online by youtube: Tips

There are many ways to make money online from internet.  Make money online by youtube videos is the mostly effective medium. Making money online via any method involves the advertisements by  publisher. Mostly people watch videos online on youtube whether it is songs, tech solutions, movie trailer, viral videos etc. You also experience some times before starting the video youtube play advertising for a few seconds. This advertising is the medium via which anyone can make money online by youtube videos. To make money online by youtube you have to add channels on youtube and upload your video which should belong to a specific audience.

The way to make money online by youtube is not so easy. It will take a long time and the starting of generation of revenue is very small. After became popular your video can make a lots of money via monetize it with some advertisements. Google adsense is the main resource of income from youtube. You can utilize google adsense to make money online by youtube.

There are some restrictions on youtube videos that decide what kind of videos you can’t upload on it like adult contents, copyright contents etc. You have to choose specific targeted videos which are on mostly demanded videos online. Type of videos may be depends on your ability to record. You can upload reviews of products, technical solutions, diy videos, educational videos, funny videos so you have to choose the topic in which you can record some unique and explained material. Once your video became popular your aim to make money online by youtube videos will be succeed.

What to do to make money online by youtube videos.

You have to do some steps to start make money online by youtube videos. I will explain step by step to start working with youtube videos online.

  • You have to setup a youtube account via sign up on youtube website. If you have any google account like gmail, drive, g+ then same account can be used for youtube no need to create separate account.
  • Each youtube account has a unique channel. You have to choose keywords about your channel via which your channel is easy searchable to audience. So choose keywords carefully.
  • After setup your youtube channel. You can add content to your channel. Make some quality and unique videos and upload on your channel. Always try to make video better than your last one. Use some good quality camera for recording with clear voice. The quality of video is the main key to make money online by youtube videos.
  • You have to upload videos regularly to make money online by youtube. Also publish these videos on social media site to get publicity for your videos. Make sure to add relevant keywords for your videos so that it can be easily searchable.
  • Now you have to make attention of audience to your videos. To do this you have to promote your over the social media as well you can use email marketing.

By following above steps your video is published on youtube. Now you have to monetize your youtube videos with google adsense to make money online by youtube.

Monetize your videos.

After creating your youtube channel and uploading some quality videos you have to monetize your videos to make money online by youtube. You can monetize a video after uploading by clicking the monetization tab and checking the “monetize with ads” box.

You have to make an account in google adsense program to get money from your videos. The adsense account can be used by the same id of your youtube id. You should be more than 18 yrs to open an adsense account. Read the instruction and policies of adsense carefully before opening an account on it. After applying for google adsense program they will make a survey to your youtube channel and videos. If your videos qualified the conditions of adsense then you will get an approval for display ads on your videos channel. Mostly your youtube channel must have minimum 5000 views to get fast approval. Remember only after approval you can make money online by youtube.

Types of ads.

Different types of ads applied on youtube videos by the advertising networks. It depends on you what type of ad you want to appear on your youtube videos. The type of ads is also making it effective while you are going to make money online by youtube. So choose the best ad type for your video.

  • Some time you experience the ads on starting of a video which can’t be skip manually. You have to watch the full advertisement before starting the video on youtube. These ads are of 20 to 30 seconds. If anyone click on these ads then you have earn some amount of money from your video. The second way of earning money is views of these ads.
  • Some time you saw the ads appearing before starting of video on youtube which can be skipped manually. In this case the advertiser will pay only if viewers watch the full ad before starting the video. If viewer skip the advertisement then maybe you have earn no money form that advertisement. These types of ads are mostly recommended to make money online by youtube videos.
  • Sometime the ads appear in between the video. During streaming a video you can fix the advertisement to be appearing for fix duration. If any viewer will click on this ad during streaming the advertiser will pay you some money.
  • Banner ads these ads appear on the video screen some time at the bottom and sometimes in between the video anywhere. These ads also work same when a viewer click on these ads advertisers will pay you some amount.
  • make money online by developing plugins and themes.
  • make money online by developing android apps.
  • tips: make money online by writing articles.

At the end of article about make money online by youtube.

The approximate income about $5 to $7 per 1000 impressions of ads. Remember if someone skips an ad then you don’t get paid for that view. So choose unique quality and short videos to upload on youtube to make money online by youtube.

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