Keep Your Password Secure: Tips

keep your password secure

How to keep your password secure and care about it.

Password is the main wall between you and cyber criminals for all your digital activities. Keep your password secure as only you are responsible to make it secure and strong. One compromise with password security can be  helpful to the cyber-criminal or hackers to crack your password. Never compromise with password strength of any account online it may be harmful to you anytime. Even if anyone will get access to your mail account he can miss use it and you are responsible for it all. An email account can be used for sharing information of crime worldwide.

Why is it important to keep your password secure ?

Technology makes everything easy. All digital systems need an authentication system like bio-metric scanner and sometime passwords. Password is the key  in your hand to make your stuff secure. Online transaction, making travelling tickets, online shopping, access your digital data all are secured by a password, you should keep your password secure. Millions of hackers 24×7 working to hack the accounts of multinational companies and bank accounts. The gadgets used by people have all the secret information inside sometime. It is also necessary to keep secure authentication for all handy gadgets.

Think if you lost your smart phone and it is not secure with strong password lock what will happens. You have all your contacts, mail apps, online banking apps, credit card details etc. Any smart guy can use all these information in wrong way. Mostly the SIM belongs to banking transaction also used in smart phone. It is more harmful as the OTP msg is also in wrong hand. You have a little time to block all your banking transaction details mostly peoples don’t remember their banking details. In between the time of lost your smart phone and blocking bank cards anything can be happens. The only fencing line between you and cyber-criminal is the password used by you. I think with this example you understand how important is to keep your password secure. Remember security starts from you and you are responsible for it.

How passwords exposed.

Mostly peoples uses easy password like 12345, 11111, abcdef, qwerty, password etc. Which are very easy to guess. Many time the security breached because of such passwords. Some are used same passwords for all account in that case if one account’s password hacked your all accounts can be hacked. You have to use strong policy and keep your password secure.

Mostly the people around you who know you well can easily guess the password you used for your devices or accounts. Hackers work all time to hack the online accounts by checking all combinations of password systematically. They work until the correct password combination found. If you are using any symmetry to making your password it can be easily exposed. To avoid these attacks you have to change your password with regular period.

What to do to keep your password secure?

A secure password should be unique and complex. It should be a good combination of character, numbers and special characters. Use some do and don’t which may be useful to you to keep your password secure.

  • Do: According to mostly software and operating systems your password should be of minimum 8 characters long. More the length of password gives more strength. Always use characters with lowercase and uppercase, numbers, symbols and special characters to keep your password secure. Use jumble words and matrix to keep your password secure. Use different passwords for each your account all time. Change your password regularly after a fix time interval.
  • Don’t: Think about yourself what is easy to guess from you. It is name, date of birth, nickname, father’s name, pet’s name etc. Never use any information related to yourself to make a password. Never make a password which is belongs to your username for any account. Don’t use the name of place or things to make your password. Don’s use symmetry like 12456 or abcdef1234 because these are easy to break.

How to create a strong password!

There are lots of software and online program available to create strong password. These passwords are tough to remember as these passwords contain character, number and symbols like ahwde#23Pmx. To overcome it there is a way to make some strong password and easy to remember. This way may be helpful to you to keep your password secure.

It is easy to remember any event with date for example “my elder son was born in 1990”. Use this event to make your password and keep your password secure. Take the first character of each word and the figure as it is. It will give a result like ‘meswbi1990’ use it like Meswbi@1990#. It is easy to remember and hard to break by using software. As this password doesn’t have any symmetry or logarithm.

Mostly online an option available to recover your password it is ‘forgot your password’. This option is done by some question answers and sometime recovers by mobile no. To get more secure don’t use the inbuilt question for this option. Make your own questions and answers to keep your password secure. The inbuilt questions can easily be break as these are related to you.

Now mostly online access done by two step authentication method. In which you have to chase two step verification. One is password and second is OTP sent to your mobile number which is registered. Don’t compromise with these two step authentication system. This method is used by mostly online transaction portals.

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