Keep Your Computer Secure And Safe : Tips

keep your computer secure and safe

How to keep your computer secure and safe.

In today life everything become computerized. The thought always comes in mind to keep your computer secure and safe. It is because you have some valuable data on your computer. While you are online it became more sensitive. There are many hackers trying to hack others machine. In simple words your computer is not so safe while working on internet. Many times the unsecured computers become a part of unwanted programs and cyber-criminal activity. With full awareness and good knowledge of computing internet became safe and useful to you.

We use computers and smartphone daily basis and mostly work done on it. Criminals and hackers always doing scan all types of computers online. It doesn’t matter what operating system you are using. Mostly people ignored about the security and safety of their computers and smartphone. This careless behave became beneficial to the cyber criminals and hackers. In this article i try to give some important tips to keep your computer secure and safe.

Use genuine operating system and install updates to keep your computer secure and safe.

The operating system running in your system is the main platform for your computer. It may be windows, 
mac, Linux or anything else. All operating systems released by their respective companies. Some bad elements crack these operating systems and sell on a very low cost in market. These cracked versions of operating systems unable to update and easily trapped by the hackers. It is hard to believe that it can be happens but mostly computers are unsecured because of pirated operating system. All your valuable data can be theft if you are using a pirated operating system.

Always keep your operating system update. Update by installation of update when release by the company. Never ignore to install security updates when they are available. After time spending many bugs and errors reduces by these updates. The developers give a huge time to clear the bugs and errors in operating system and provide updates online. Operating system companies regularly release updates to remove the security vulnerabilities or error to keep your computer secure and safe.

Use genuine and authentic applications to keep your computer secure and safe.

Application software provides the interface to work on computer. Genuine and authentic application software is available online and in market. Similarly pirated application software created by some

programmer to make money. Pirated application software is also harmful to your computer. I suggest never use pirated to saving money. This small amount of money can be cause of data theft from your computer. Mostly common programs like web browsers, music player, office docs, oracle and java used by hackers to theft the information of your computer. Always keep up to date all the installed programs in your computer. Never ignore if update available for installed applications for your computer. The new updates can fix many errors and remove security vulnerability of your computer. Also upgrade the application if new version is available to keep your computer secure and safe.

Use antivirus programs to keep your computer secure and safe.

The hackers always try to access the computers available online. To keep your computer secure and safe
you have to use a security application or antivirus. Allow these security software or antivirus to update automatically. An updated antivirus program can protect your computer from cyber attack. The security software or antivirus scan for malware or unwanted programs and protect your computer from them. Never install any security program which is available online free or sent you through a link via email.

Always keep backup of your data regularly.

After a hacking attempt or cyber-attack the most probably thing happens that your operating system may  not working properly. As a result of it you can’t access to your data of your computer. To avoid such type of accidents you should always keep backup of your important data regularly basis. It will be helpful to you to keep your computer secure and safe. You can use your data again after installing a fresh operating system in your computer.

Never use same password online for every site.

It is commonly observed that most people use same password for whole the computing. They used same password from the windows to all sites like mail, banking, and online shopping. In this case if any website hacked and its password stolen then all the online data for various sites can be easily accessed by the hackers. It is hard to remember all the passwords for each site or program. To resolve it you can use any password manager from authentic software like quick-heal or Norton.

Enable firewall to keep your computer secure and safe.

Firewall is inbuilt feature of windows operating system. It may keep your computer secure and safe while working on internet. After launching of any operating system hackers find loop holes in it before company or user knowing it. Firewall can deny the access of your computer via online from these security loops. If any antivirus working as a firewall then no need to worry. it will keep your computer secure and safe. Use your computer’s firewall smartly and be safe.

Avoid opening unknown email in your computer.

Many times hackers attack on computers via sending fake mail. The unknown mail state that you have won a huge amount or they need your help to transfer money online etc. By this type of mail the hackers trying to steal your personal information. Always delete such types of email without opening them.

Beware of opening unknown file without watching its extension.

The virus or malware are harmful program. these program starts work on your computer if they execute on your computer. The program files have extension .exe are general format of application programs which can be run on windows based computer. The attachments in email or external drive are easy source of these types of file. Be aware always before running these types of files on your computer. To identify these files always keep enable the display of file extension and keep your computer secure and safe.

Ignore the online pop ups states that your computer is infected.

It happens many time while you browsing internet many popup appears. Popups prompt that your computer is infected click here to clean it. Never click on unwanted links appears while you are browsing internet. It may install unwanted program or malware in your computer. Always avoid these links to keep your computer secure and safe.

Avoid to surfing the rough website.

Some websites like porn and gaming are mostly harmful to your computer. Always avoid browsing of unfaithful websites like porn website, gambling websites etc. These websites attempt to install malware or spyware in your computer via a link. These links can’t be identifying so try to avoid opening these rough websites and keep your computer secure and safe.

Never leave your computer unattended.

It is commonly happens during working hours at home or office. We leave the computer without locking it for a while. This small time can be harmful for your computer. your coworker can steal the important documents or check in to your online accounts which are opens. Try to avoid always leaving your computer unattended and keep your computer secure and safe. Sometimes any one can use your open email account for criminal activities also.

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