Importance Of Using Antivirus Protection: Tips

importance of using antivirus protection

What is the importance of using antivirus protection

Without antivirus protection any system becomes easy target for the cyber criminals. The importance of using antivirus protections is to keep secure and safe your system. A computer connected to internet can be trapped easily by the cyber criminals. There are a lot of chances occurs for infection to your computer if it is connected to internet without security. Importance Of Using Antivirus Protection is to provide the security to your computer against data theft, hacking, malware etc. Antivirus works for computers connected to internet as well as for standalone computers. It is totally depend on antivirus how much it can be secure your computer. Antivirus software is available online as well as in market. Installation of antivirus software is so easy like other software.

Install updates when available.

Antivirus software needs regular update. The reason behind it is that hackers developed new virus code regularly. The antivirus developers track the new virus program and give updates to remove them. If you don’t update your antivirus then the new virus can be infect your computer. In this case your outdated antivirus unable to protect your computer. Updating antivirus is an important task just like the Importance Of Using Antivirus Protection for computer.

Antivirus is good tool to prevent intrusion into your computer. Cyber-attack on any computer depends on its operating system, antivirus, installed software and firewall settings. An open door home has a lots chance of theft similarly without antivirus a computer is like open door home.

Virus can be attack on a computer through many ways. The main way is internet, data sharing, email inbox, application software etc. any security vulnerability in a computer can be beneficial for attack of virus. Infection of virus in a computer can slow down it, theft the valuable data, delete or edit some important files. Sometimes virus can physically damage memory peripherals of computer like hard disk. The value of data of your computer always tends you to think about the Importance Of Using Antivirus Protection.

Always alert from the malware and spywares.

protection from spyware is one of the main importance of using antivirus protection. Antivirus software is very helpful to detect the spyware and remove them. Spyware also called malware which developed by hackers which are not visible in any computer but keep watch on all the activities in the computer. Spyware also enable to send the report of any computer activities to hackers. The spyware can theft the financial data, passwords, banking details, credit card details etc. Some spyware run in the background and save the real time information of browsers and send it to the hacker online. Think once if any such type information theft by any hacker what can he does with that. The main importance of using antivirus protection is to avoid the security vulnerability.

Spams are another type of virus incoming source in your computer. these are the email come to your inbox with unknown sources. Spams are the main traffic source of viruses over the internet. Spam mail includes the virus program once anyone clicks on the unknown link of spam. It can be install the unwanted program in a computer. This program is generally spyware or virus. Importance of using antivirus protection is also to scan computer for these unknown threats and remove them.

In view all of above security vulnerability antivirus provide some good features. Antivirus available with some of these features sometime with all features. The cost of antivirus depends on the features in built in it. More the features of antivirus will cost more to the user. Some important features of a good antivirus are below which reflects the importance of using antivirus protection for computer.

  • Protect against malware: –

    Mostly antivirus have this feature. This feature provides the security to the computer against the malware program (also called spyware). Generally malware programs are not visible for a normal user. Only antivirus can detect the malware in a computer and remove it. Protection from malware is very important to keep your data safe and secure. Removing malware is main importance of using antivirus protection.

  • Online protection:- Many types of browsers available with various operating systems. Antivirus provides the security from click jacking during surfing the internet from a computer. Hackers added code to a website code and push it over the internet. This technique is used to theft your online information. Many times these code change the actual functions of link on the webpages. For example if I want to cancel a transaction and click on “cancel” it will submit the information feed on webpage. It is also must have feature in antivirus for online protection. providing online protection is one of others importance of using antivirus protection.
  • Protect against virus:- Virus program in a computer can damage the files of hard disc. Virus can edit the file of a computer without prior information to the user. Virus can make the hardware of computer unusable. Antivirus is the only tool to keep an eye the changing in your computer files or software behaves. If antivirus detects any such issue in computer it will immediately fix the problem either automatically or manually. 
  • Protect from worm:-

    Worm is a type of virus infection. It spreads itself over the network and infect all the computers connected with each other. Worm virus make duplicate of its own and infect all the hard drives which connected to each other. Because of worm the computers became slow down. The speed of data transfer in a network is also become so slow. The antivirus having this feature is mostly useful for any network system. Anti-worm is also a good importance of using antivirus protection

  • Protect from rootkit:- Operating system software have a lots of files in the computer. Rootkit is a type of infection which edits or replaces the important files of operating system from a computer. Antivirus having this feature can detect the changes made on the files of operating system. After detection antivirus can fix this rootkit issue in the computer. If antivirus is not able to fix rootkit issue then there is only a way to restore the computer. User need to format the computer and install a fresh copy of operating software.
  • Protect against phishing attack:- All antivirus are not able to protect against phishing attack on a computer. Mostly Phishing attack done by email client software of any computer. To protect from phishing attack antivirus program regularly scan the email client software and browser activities. After finding any vulnerability the antivirus software fixes the issues immediately to protect against phishing attack.
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