Importance Of Using A Firewall

importance of using a firewall

What is importance of using a firewall in a single computer.

Mostly works on computer done via internet. The main importance of using a firewall is to keep secure your computer against the virus and malware attacks online. When a computer is connected to internet there are lots of chances of virus, malware attack on it. Firewall filters the incoming traffic to your system. Firewalls are of two types one is software and one is hardware. Generally a common user of internet used the built in firewall of operating system like windows firewall. In a network the firewall of operating system of a PC doesn’t work. You have to install the firewall appliance which performs the task of filtering the incoming and outgoing traffic. Never compromise with security aware about the importance of using a firewall in your system.

Protection from malware and virus.

Internet is the main source of cyber-crime and virus, malware. Your important data stored on  your computer. It may be your identity, banking details, office documents or other personal documents. The importance of using a firewall is to keep them safe. When you are connected to internet with your computer you have no control on its traffic. The hackers always do scanning the systems over internet which has less security. You should aware about the websites opening in your browsers whether these are reliable or not. Many of us think it is good to install an antivirus in your system to keep it secure. It is true an antivirus can make secure your system but while working online you should install internet security antivirus. Firewall is another option to keep your system or network secure from the virus, malware and cyber-attacks online.

Never disclose personal identity.

Millions of computer connected with each other via internet. Internet is the main source leakage of information from any system. Your personal identity can be stolen to make some financial crime. The virus, malware can easily be spread over internet. It may be done by sending some spam mails, online popup of shopping, money offers etc. If such thing happens with you while you are online you should be alert and turn on your built in firewall of your computer. Some antivirus has their own firewall which is also very helpful for filtering the traffic online.

Function of firewall.

You should aware about what a firewall can do and what the importance of using a firewall is. Firewall works like a filter between your home network and public network. Firewall scans the incoming and outgoing data from your computer. It will block the traffic which trying to access your system. Hackers working 24×7 to make malicious program to find the less secure computer on the internet. If you do compromise with security your computer may be easy target for these hackers. They can steal your data, destroy your data, make your hard drive unusable, and infect all the computers of your network. Firewall is an initial and important thing to use to avoid these harmful attacks online.

 Always use safety when working online.

Don’t depend fully on firewall for online security. Firewall basically works on some rules which programmed in it. By following these rules firewall check the security certificates, trusted data etc of incoming traffic from internet. Firewalls analyze the incoming data application layer, network layer, packets etc. I recommend never use firewall alone in your pc. Firewall do checks for IP and TCP port of incoming traffic and deny if suspicious. Many times the firewall is not enough to check the spam mails or phishing scams. To make totally secure your system you have to use a good antivirus, anti-malware. It is also necessary to know the importance of antivirus along with the importance of using a firewall in your PC. 

Firewall works on some set of rules which are program in it. Packet filtering is the main function of the firewall. The internet or network computers works on TCP, IP to flow the traffic between them. Each packet has full information included in it. It has network address, port no. and other encryption type. Firewalls identify this information accordingly and decide to allow or deny these packets. The second security check is application gateway. Along with packet filtering application gateway filtering is also process by firewall. The application gateway is use to check the incoming and outgoing traffic through the gateway.


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