Importance Of File Encryption Security:Tips

importance of file encryption security

Know the importance of file encryption security.

File encryption is use to keep data secure from unauthorized access. We should know about importance of file encryption security. When we work on computer or smartphone then the data is saved in general format. If anyone gets access to any computer or smartphone then he can see the text of saved files. It may contain private data or financial data. If you want to keep secret the information on your computer encryption is the best way. We share the files on the internet via email or social sites. It is also harmful to share the data in plane format.There are many ways for encryption of data. Various software is also used for this purpose.

what is requirement of file encryption.

 By doing some tricks the data can be hide from unauthorized access. Before going to the encryption methods it is necessary to know the importance of file encryption security. Think you have some private data in the format of office files. Your private data contains the financial matter or personal secret information. If you leave your computer or laptop alone in public place then anybody can copy your data in pen drive. If these files are in plane format all the information stored in these files can be used for wrong activities. when you save your data in encryption format then these files are useless for unauthorized person. An encrypted file shows the information in scrambled text which is unreadable. You can use password protection for official data. It is not easy to open a password protected document.

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Make office files password protected.

All office files have a provision to make them password protected. Mostly data saved in word excel and power point file format. It is easy to steal these files from any unattended computer or laptop. I suggest making all the important files password protected. If a password protected file stolen in any way then information in the file remain safe until the password is not known. Make some strong and secure password for the office files. To know the method for making password protected a document. Open the document and press F1 key. A help window will open. Search for the steps to make password protect file. There are many software of office version are used now worldwide. So it is difficult to provide steps of making password protection for each version. I suggest using help option. Make office files password protected and think about importance of file encryption security.

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Keep hide the important documents.

Every file has an attribute to hide the file. In windows generally the properties of any file shows these attributes. You have to enable the hidden check box only to hide the file. Generally hidden files don’t show in the explorer. To see the hidden file user have to change the view settings in windows explorer. This trick may not usable for the smart person who has good knowledge of computer. I suggest do the both steps password protection and hidden property for secret files. It will provide an extra layer of security to your documents. It is good way to keep hide the files after understanding the importance of file encryption security.

Change the file extension to other format.

Every file has a predefined extension to save the data. JPG file extension is used to save the picture format only. An image file saved in jpg format can’t be use without its original extension. If you change the extension of a jpg file to doc then it will became unusable. It is good method to keep the information secure without using any software. I suggest change the file extension of confidential files to other format. If this file is steal by anyone it is unusable to him. You can use this file any time by changing its extension to pre define. To change the extension you have to open the property of any file and in the name section change the extension and click ok. Importance of file encryption security should be known by computer user.

Use drive encryption feature or operating system.

Some operating system like windows 7 has the drive encryption system. These functions encrypt the whole hard disk partition and generate a key to unlock it. Setting of password is another option to unlock the drive. I suggest keeping turn on the inbuilt function for encryption of operating system. The main benefit of bit locker is that if the hard disk stolen or lost then it will not open in any other system. This feature added because of importance of file encryption security.

Use software for encryption.

Compressed zipped folder is by default feature of windows operating system. This feature can be use to compress a file and encrypt it. The encrypted compressed file can be open by password only. The password is define at the time of encryption. To make a file encrypted and compress. Right click on the file. Select send to – compressed (zipped) folder. A zipped folder with same name will create in the same directory. Now right click on the zipped folder and select advance option. Follow the instruction to make it encrypted zipped folder.

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Use cloud services to store the data safely

There are many online data storage services available. You can avail these online cloud services by opening an account with them. Google drive is most famous service to store the important data online. You can retrieve the data from Google drive anytime. You need an active internet connection to upload and download the data in Google drive. The data storage limit is approx 15 GB. I suggest keeping the data on cloud servers but keeping them in encrypted form.

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