Make Money Online By Developing Android Apps : How To

make money online by developing android apps

Simple way to make money online by developing android apps.

In previous days before android became popular there was no option expect to use the built in apps of mobile phones. When android phone comes in market. The way of using smart phone is fully changed. A good programmer can make money online by developing android apps.

Now lots of android apps available on google play store. The apps are of many types like games, informative, technical, e-mail, social media, messaging etc. If you are a software programmer you can learn the android apps development in a very short time. A good programmer can make money online by developing android apps. Generally two types apps developed by developers one is niche apps and another is general apps. Every online activity can be done via app like checking mail, booking tickets, booking hotels, selling goods etc. After watching the app marketing i am sure you came make money online by developing android apps.

How to develop a perfect android app.

Firstly you have to choose the niche of android app. Choose the type of your app weather it is niche app or general app. Niche app belongs to particular user group and general apps is usable for all types of user.

Do some research for similar apps on play store and analyze them. Select a simple and good design interface. Try to choose the niche which is mostly searched on play store. Second type of app is general app like games, music player, app locker, wallpaper etc. These general apps are used by everyone. Read the reviews of similar apps and find the issues complaint by users. Make your app error free and provide some good facilities in your app which are mentioned in user reviews.

Initially you have to think about the purpose of your app. What kind of service will your app provide to the users. Don’t think about money initially try to give your best app. Later you can make money online by developing android apps and publish them online.

Google have open source for developing the android apps on . You have to download the android development platform and install it in your system.

Publish your android app.

You have to attract the users to download and install your app in android phone. Publicity is the main thing to make money online by developing android apps. You can publish your app on google play store or publish through your own blog or from other websites which provides review of apps.

  • Publish on google play store:- Publishing your app on google play store is the best way to reach the targeted users. You have to follow some google policy before submitting your app to play store. Google will take initially $25 during registration for your account on play store. After registration you can upload many apps on this account.  It is done by google to avoid spams on play store. Before uploading your app to google play store ensure that your app should not violate the google terms and conditions. Size of app also does matter, google play store accept maximum size of 50 Mb app.  You also asked to provide some screen shot and videos about your app services. Decide initially whether your app is free or paid. It will submit initially and can’t be changed later. Publishing the app on google play store is the best way to make money online by developing android apps.
  • Publish on your own blog:- If you have a successful running blog or website and your app belongs to that blog, then you can also provide your app to be downloaded from your blog. Your subscribers will definitely download your app and install it. The main problem occurs when an app is downloaded from third party website it looks like spam. Give instruction for installation your app downloaded from your blog.
  • make money online by paid to click ads.
  • make money online by online survey jobs.

How much can i make money online by developing android apps.

Two ways to make money online by developing android apps. One is make your app paid .second is to monetize your app.

  • Paid App:-

    firstly release your app as a trial version. your app can be used by many users.  After became popular apply charges to download your app. Charges for app are mostly works on gaming app because other types general app are easily available for free on google play store. Sometime the free app provides some limited features or gives full feature for a limited time. To unlock the full features you can fix charges for app. This is good way to make money online by developing android apps.

  • Subscription for apps:-

    Another way to make money online by developing android apps is provide subscription for your apps. It may be monthly or yearly. You can allow using your apps and its full features on subscription basis. Give a free trial subscription for a limited time after that for each subscription you can make charges timely basis.

  • Monetize app with Admob ads:-

    Advertisements are always good to make money online by developing android apps or by any blog or website. For android apps google have an ad program Admob. Admob provides the facility to monetize your app on the same google account. Admob give you flexibility to choose the ad type for your app. Place the add smartly for your app so you can generate good revenue from your app.

  • Use Affiliate marketing with your app:-

    If your app belongs to a specific group of users then you can promote relevant products or services with your app. There are a lot of affiliate marketing networks available online. Choose some best of them by viewing their reviews and promote some relevant products with your app. For each sale via your app you will rewarded with some money from the affiliate marketing network.

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