Advantages Of Installing Windows Updates

advantages of installing windows updates

What are the advantages of installing windows updates.

In all over the world Windows is commonly used in computers. The question is what are the advantages of installing windows update? All gadgets or machine became absolute with time. New technology and updates for any gadgets or machine will improve its features. After some time the loop hole of any software or operating system can be found by hackers. These are the main advantages of installing windows updates. it will protect your system from security vulnerabilities. By installing windows updates your system remains up to date with current version. When you browse internet with an outdated windows system the possibilities of cyber-attack on your computer increased.

Windows developers always work to find the vulnerabilities in the current version of windows. After finding these loop holes windows release officially updates to remove these vulnerabilities. By default windows automatically search for updates on internet and install them. The updates are of various categories like security patches, applications patches and framework patches etc. You can manually choose the patches to install and install them manually. After release of windows 10 Microsoft offers to all windows user to upgrade their operating system. It will do only if you are using a genuine windows version. It is a good step taken by Microsoft to eliminate the piracy.

Some good advantages of installing windows updates in your system.

Windows is used by home users, government offices, travelling departments, banking etc. The information stored in windows system is very valuable for any person. If any security vulnerability found by hackers or cyber-criminal in windows. It will be effective to all the users worldwide. No matter what kind of service you are using from windows based system. When a new security patch update released. The hacker can find what vulnerability eliminates by this update. Then the hacker can use that security hole to make target the outdated systems. You can avoid the security issue from your system by the advantages of installing windows updates.

New application software developed for the current version of windows. Sometime if you are using any pirated or outdated version of windows new applications does not installed properly

New hardware drivers also made for latest version of windows. The main advantages of installing windows updates are that you can use latest hardware and application software smoothly.

After installing windows updates computer needs a reboot always. In some previous version of window xp and vista the system reboot automatically after an update. It is some time not good for user as all the programs running will get shut down forcefully by windows. This is one reason why mostly users don’t allow automatically updates. In latest versions of windows this drawback is eliminated. Only user will reboot the system after installation of any update.

Many peoples ignore to update windows but know the advantages of installing windows updates. They scared for system problems like blue screen or booting problem occurs. Some times after installing windows updates the hardware drivers stop working. Some hardware drivers doesn’t support latest version of windows.  The cause behind it is the hardware may be absolute or new version of hardware released by company for latest version of windows. Updating any software either windows or other application software is beneficial but sometime it is harmful. Above problems generally doesn’t occurs. The disadvantages are less than the advantages of installing windows updates. I recommend always keep updated windows in your system to take full advantages of installing windows updates online. We all know that the virus and malware are major problem for our computers then windows updates.

Latest windows update fixes many security problems. It will make your system more stable and provide the new features added by developers. There are many update options available in the latest version of windows. Like “allow all users to install updates on this computer”. This option is very helpful for update your windows. This option allows installing updates without prior permission of administrator.  Another one option is “Microsoft Update”, this option allow windows to check for updates for other Microsoft products too. Windows also provide a facility to download some Microsoft software like windows live essentials, Microsoft security essential.

Some other Important updates for windows which are not install automatically.

It is not necessary that your complete system become update via windows update. There are some third party application and drivers like directx which can’t be update via windows update. Directx is generally use for graphic applications. The graphics application like game are displayed by directx. You have to keep your directx up to date to play latest version video game, HD movies etc. To update directx search online “directx End-User Runtime Web Installer” hit the first result that is official site of Fill the required field as per the configuration of your system. Download the update file namely dxwebsetup.exe . Run it and do update your directx.

You should always keep an eye for update of your high configuration graphics card. An updated graphics driver gives better performance and clarity during playing games. Graphic cards update generally not available with windows update. You have to install graphics card update from its official website.

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